Balance scorecard

At Premier Plus Associates we measure our performance based on our balanced scorecard in the following areas:

Customer perspective

We focus on attracting more valuable clients, retain existing valuable clients through quality services, Providing value-adding recommendations which in turn create extra work from existing clients and minimize risk by discontinuing risk clients.

Learning and growth perspective

In a lifetime we focus on increasing professional staff capacity in serving clients professionally, ethically and objectively by providing in-house training and external training to our staff. We have set entry qualifications for professional staff to be university graduates and we are committed to sponsoring our professional staff to thirty (30) hours of external professional training annually.

Financial Perspective

We based our office in medium cities where rents are affordable. As our work involved working at clients’ premises, we ensure financial sustainability by renting small offices and increasing the working morale of our staff by linking operating performance reward-based.

Internal Business Process Perspective

At Premier Plus Associates we are committed to 100% compliance with all applicable International Standards on Auditing and International Financial Reporting Standards. To ensure this, we have subscribed to Canadian Professional Engagement Manual to which we use their electronic templates for audit documentation. We are also serious about individual performance, we evaluate individual performance on an assignment basis and those who cannot cope with ISAs’ audit documentations are immediately removed from their posts and replaced with more competent.