Some of the clients served by the Premier Plus Associates in different categories of services include;

  1. Solidaridad Tanzania Country Office
  2. Elerai Construction Limited
  3. Modern Driving School Limited
  4. Tanzania Mentors Action
  5. TMA Saccoss Limited
  6. TMA Associates Limited
  7. Intertz Logistics company limited
  8. Emanyata Secondary School
  9. Ekenywa Secondary School
  10. Mnazi Trading Limited
  11. Mclean Investment Limited
  12. Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School
  13. Kangaroo Brands Shoecream (t) Limited
  14. Maasai Legend Safaris Limited
  15. Hedaru Palace Hotel Limited
  16. Organization For Community Development (ocode)
  17. Tanganyika Wilderness Camps
  18. Kibo Guides (T) Limited
  19. Mamsteen Consulting Limited
  20. Maridadi Florist Company Limited
  21. Jofort Intertrade Company Limited
  22. Apex Business Consulting Limited
  23. Elohim Company Limited
  24. Farm Mechanization Consultant Limited
  25. Frietman Farm Limited
  26. FTM Microfinance Company Limited
  27. Gemuka Adventures Limited
  28. Habeas Investment Limited
  29. Transkim Company Limited
  30. Kariakoo Building Connect Limited
  31. TFL Company Limited
  32. Bluestone Serengeti Lodges & Lounge
  33. VA Business Assurance Services
  34. Kilimanjaro SAR Limited
  35. Eataly Company limited
  36. Mwaraad General Traders Limited
  37. Lifeline Pharmacy limited
  38. Mgonja Sports Center investment
  39. F&K cultural tours and safaris company limited
  40. Vivid Green company limited
  41. Med-Food limited
  42. Nelson Mandela University-DVC PFA Project
  43. Joshmal Investments Limited
  44. Iraqw Mining Tanzania Ltd
  45. The Heron Investment Limted
  46. Shwari limited
  47. Data village Technologies Company Limited
  48. Global Skill Consulting and Education Company Limited