Taxation compliance and consulting

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Taxation compliance and consulting

Taxation compliance and consulting

Premier Plus Associates is among reputable provider of tax consulting services in Tanzania. We work with clients to ensure that they pay only legally taxes and not more or less.

Our taxation expert services consist of the following:

(a) . Preparation of tax computations and Tax Returns, submitting the same to the TANZANIA REVENUE AUTHORITY (TRA) and carrying out negotiations with the tax official with the view to having them agreed for the purpose of issuance of final assessments;

(b) . Attending to queries and other tax issues relating to the Computations, Returns and Accounts that may be raised by the TRA;

(c) . Interpretation of the various Fiscal Laws and Subsidiary Legislations relating to Taxation and issuance of appropriate guidance on tax implications for the purpose of tax planning;

(e) . Ensuring that compliance requirements under the following legislations are met where applicable: – Corporate Income Taxation; Withholding Taxation on Payroll (PAYE, NSSF and  Skills Development Levy); Withholding Taxation on payments for management and professional fees, technical fees, royalties, dividends, lease rent and interest;

We will endeavor to ensure that proper tax liabilities with the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) are determined and unless you wish to be consulted on any contentious issue raised, we will carry out negotiation with TRA in your absence. However, we will require you to sign the Provisional and Final Returns and your signatures confirm approval of the returns and any underlying computations. 

Tax updates

Here we feed our clients with changes in tax legislations and expected consequences in their business. We communicate in a summary and layman language all changes proposed in the annual government budget bill.

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