Tax planning & Tax compliance services


We provide tax consulting services to both resident companies and prospective investors. Taxes covered include business income, investment income, employment and withholding taxes all administered by Income Tax Act Cap 332. Other taxes covered are Value Added Tax, Skills Development Levy and taxes and levies administered by respective government ministry or local government. Our Tax Consultancy Services, fall into two categories namely Tax Compliance related services and Tax planning related services.

Tax compliance services – These services cover compliance requirements under direct and indirect taxation to minimize the incidence of the tax burden on client. Taxes covered in this service are corporate tax, employment taxes, withholding tax and Value Added Tax (VAT).

Tax planning – under tax planning, we update our clients with changes in taxation legislations and rates, we evaluate tax effect on client’s planned investment or decision, we issue reminder on tax payment dates. We ensure our clients fairly comply with taxation laws so as to avoid penalties and interest in case of non-compliance.

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